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Just saying Hi

My name is Mike, father of 3 kids 22, 20 and 17. We have been to Disney World several times but now that they have their own lives with different schedules, its difficult to plan a trip. So, last year I went with a girlfriend. It was her first time and I was really hoping she would fall in love being there. Well, that didn't happen. We went on July 4th because I wanted her to see the best fireworks display ever. It rained but it was still a great show of course. I was used to going to the park when it opened and not leave til it closed, but that didn't happen either, we were back at the hotel each night before 8. Disney to her was just for kids and did not enjoy it all. She couldn't understand why stand in a line for an hour or more for a 3 min ride. yes we had fast pass and I thought it went fine. and the crowds were just too much for her. I was in seventh heaven. Anyways, I told her that Disney is for adults just as well as kids so this is why I joined this site to prove to her that there adults that go to Disney without kids. Looks like my next trip will be by myself laugh

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There always seems to be one or more of us here all the time and we have meet ups, you won't be alone!!!


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Hi Mike33 & welcome , this is a great site for Disney grownups and anything Disney.

As you know, Disney has a little for everyone at any age, from adventure rides, to educational, botanical, zoo/safaris, golfing, boating, fishing, horseback riding, shopping, nightlife/dining, etc. awesome

Just visiting the different resorts are an entertainment in their own right! but whatever you do; "!Por favor mantengase alejado de las puertas!"


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Hi Mike33. Before my husband and I started going to Disney, I thought it was odd for adults to go without children. Now I sometimes wonder why anyone would want to go with children! laugh welcome

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HI Mike. Solo trips are awesome. You can do what you want, when you want. As JMed said, there's usually one of there for a meet up.


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Hi and welcome Mike! And more power to you for holding that Disney love on your own! wink muchlove

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Hi Mike! welcome

Disney is for all ages, but sometimes you need to tailor your visit to the person you're trying to convince. What are her interests? Her favorite places? If she doesn't like crowds July 4th may be the worst times of year to visit. If you gave us some details I'm sure we could help you build a trip that she would love. muchlove