The kids are THRILLED!!!!!

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The kids are THRILLED!!!!!

THEY KNOW!!!! yay THEY WERE SO EXCITED!!! yay yay I was going to give them pirate costumes, (15 and 11 year olds) make them dress up then give them the cruise for Christmas, but couldn't find costumes I was happy with in time so I had to find anther way. Hubby and I got one of those record yourself books where you read to the kids. It was a Disney one. They sat through the whole book as we messed around with the words like when they said wish upon a star my hubby said, I don't know what star that would be, maybe Tom CRUISE. Anyways, they get to the end and we say WERE GOING ON A DISNEY CRUISE!!!! yay yay and the kids were like Shock yay yeah stars clapping banana yay So I'd say it was a pretty awesome gift to get! awesome

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Haha - nice! That's funny- Tom Cruise. I can see you guys smirking your way through that story book!

Start the countdown calendars and get packing!! WOO!!!

Merry Christmas Smile

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So glad your kids loved their gift and that you had a wonderful Christmas.

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Sounds like it went off pretty good, congrats, now like Jeff said, countdowns and get packing!

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Of course they did! yay Now that the secrets out you can stop hiding your excitement from the kiddos! clapping

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yay yay yay


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Love it!


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