Kingdom Magic Vacations - Good or bad?

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Kingdom Magic Vacations - Good or bad?


I am just wondering about the online travel agent Kingdom Magic vacations. I am really wanting to book a holiday to Disneyworld the best way and thought an authorised disney travel agent would be the best way because im not getting enough information and quick replies from my current travel agent.

So can i hear some stories, good or bad with Kingdom Magic Vacations in terms of are they legit and worth using to book my holiday?

I am from Australia and i do understand that they are a USA based company, hence why i am on here trying to get as much information as possible.

Thank you Smile

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We've never used a travel agent for Disney because I like having complete control of our vacation plans and I'm very knowledgeable about the offerings that are available. If I was going to use one, I would choose Dreams Unlimited Travel. They are affiliate with the DISunplugged weekly podcast and I feel a certain level of trust with that organization from watching that podcast every week. So, I don't have experience with the specific agency that you are considering, in fact I've never even heard of them, but if I was going to use a travel agent, I would be inclined to give the folks at Dreams Unlimited a shot. We may very we'll use them for a Disney Cruise eventually.


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I have heard very good things a bout kingdom magic vacations, they are based in fla. and are Disney affiliated. The owner Rick also has a weekly blog video that I watch all the time, it is always Disney related either dw dl or one of the adventures by Disney. you can find the videos on you tube if you want to check them out. If I was not a dvc member I would feel confident in using them.


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Jezza wrote:

I am just wondering about the online travel agent Kingdom Magic vacations.

Please note that the following is my PERSONAL opinion - not an official opinion of Walt Disney World for Grown-ups.

I have spent a fair amount of time drinking and socializing with the owner of Kingdom Magic Vacations. I also count their PR guy amongst my closest friends. I would not have to think twice about using them to book a vacation. In fact my husband and I are thinking of doing a vow renewal in 2018 and they are who we will plan with. They are one of the TOP agents and facilitate multi-millions of dollars in travel plans to Disney Destinations every year. They are very professional, knowledgeable, and reliable.

That being said again - the does not endorse or promote any one travel agency in order to keep open relations with all. The opinion expressed above is a personal one and does not reflect anything my then my own thoughts.

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When we first started going to Disney World, we used travel agencies but I soon discovered how easy it was to just book through Disney myself. Go on the Walt Disney World resort Site. Do some exploring and you will soon discover how easy it really is. The best tip I have though is to scroll down to the bottom of the main page and under places to stay click special offers. Then the site will ask you all your information and give you a few offers.

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I've never used them but I do use a friend who is a Disney Certified Agent. I have booked several trips before myself but having her hand in it too helps free up some of my OCD! She emails me when specials are available (she just moved my plans around so we can get FD in Nov) Let's me know some of the best places to eat. Books ADRs for me if I need her too, just some of the little things! I think either way is great just depends on the time you have for planning! biggrin


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That's out magic pixie dust source. We use Susan Eskew and she is the trooper that was on hold for ten hours to get us FD for this Sept. We have used her 3 times and think she is wonderful

She books our ADRS and changes what we need changed.
Wonderful lady

That's my review.


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