League of Legends

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League of Legends

Are there any big gamers on our forums?

My son has been sucked into League of Legends, it's a multi-player online battle arena and he says it's super fun.

Apparently it's pretty popular. There were even panels for it at the anime convention that we went to last weekend, with people dressed up like characters from it and everything.

Has anyone given League of Legends a try?

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I used to play a lot more video games and did play "LoL" a few times. It was fun! It was very much like Warcraft/Starcraft (the real time strategy ones). It's a bit too hectic for me though. I like a calmer game laugh Though there were some cute characters!

My boyfriend still plays LoL when he can. I'm still impressed that they've kept it free. From what I recall, it had an insane number of players!

Glad your son found a good (free) game!


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My cousin plays it a lot, but I am not too interested in it.