Magic Bands - Lifespan ?

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Magic Bands - Lifespan ?

My family got our first-ever Magic Bands on a trip during January of 2015.

We are going back to WDW over New Year's in December. Our Magic Bands will be just shy of 2-years old. Of course we have customized them and also saved them.

Does anyone know how long Magic Bands typically last ? Will ours still likely be in working order or should we just get new ones ?

All info appreciated, and thanks!

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I've read they last about 2 years. I am wearing one now this two years old and working ok. I would get new ones and bring both. As long as they are active you can use them.


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I agree with JoAnn. I've had them last longer then 2 years but I would hate to get down and have the batteries be dead and for you to not have another backup option.

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I was told they should last about 3 years or so. I think it really depends on how much you use them.

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Ditto with JoAnn.