Moderate Hotels

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Moderate Hotels

So my sister and I are planning another trip for flower and garden next year and we have opted to stay at moderate instead of deluxe this time to save money. We have stayed at French Quarter which we love but want to try a resort that is new to us. Any suggestions on one you like or don't like? I am leaning towards Coronado Springs or Riverside and my sister really wants to try Caribbean Beach. The only thing that puts me off about Caribbean is the size of the resort. It looks hard to get around.

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The only moderates I have only stayed at French Quarter and Riverside. I love them both. The boat ride to Disney Springs is relaxing.


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I recommend CSR. It has the business class rooms which offers access to a lounge (conceirge lite) and has great room location.

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I haven't stayed at Coronado Springs, but I visited Becks there when she stayed and the ground and room was lovely. Even as picky as I am, I would totally give it a try.

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I have stayed at just about all the moderates and I will never stay a Coronado Springs...I know am in the minority but right from the get go check in it was one bad experience after another. But I know that doesn't seem to be the norm.




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In order I would choose 1. Riverside 2. Coronado 3. Caribbean Beach. I've never stayed at Riverside but it is beautiful and get awesome reviews plus you have boat service to Disney Springs. I've stayed at Coronado and enjoyed it. Their food court is awesome. I've also stayed at Caribbean Beach and we were underwhelmed with the experience.