A moment of silence please

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A moment of silence please

A moment of silence please for Snow White's Scary Adventure.

Okay that is long enough. While it is understandable while they closed it and the mine train ride is sure to surpass it, there was something a little special about this Walt Disney World original. There aren't many of those left. I always thought the opening scene was night where the queen seemed to turn into the hag right in front of your eyes. And it was always fun to see which dwarf vehicle you got to ride in. Some memories of childhood to adulthood are all that are left.

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i wish i had known last time i was there that it was closing we skipped it because the line was always too long. i would have made sure we did it at least once


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Yeah... we hit it last November since I heard it was closing. Not one of my rides that ill get on... but wanted the kids to at least go on it so they can say they had.


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So sad that it's closing. I didn't get to ride it on my last trip.


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I rode it twice in November since I knew it was closing. I can't wait for the new ride.


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I feel the same way - sad to see it pass, although understanding that it's making way for an attraction that will keep the Disney spirit of innovation alive for a new generation. Maybe, just maybe, they'll find a way to work some of the old scenes or figures into the new ride as an homage. Disney seems to be really paying attention to history right now. Fingers crossed!

Thanks so much for reminding us all, J.