My Disney Pictures in One post

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My Disney Pictures in One post

I have several favorite pictures over 5 Disney trips... I decided to put them in one post so it would make it easier. Here they are...

Giraffe at Animal Kingdom Lodge (2008)

Awesome tree at Caribbean Beach Resort's private island (2010)

My favorite picture of the Spaceship Earth- Epcot's landmark (2008)

Thought this was cool - survey mark of Mickey Mouse (2010)

Caribbean Beach Resort (2010) at sunset

Giraffe again at Animal Kingdom Lodge (2008)

Coronado Springs Resort (2006)

The Wand on top of Spaceship Earth (2006)

Monkeys being "nosy" (2007)

Zebras at Animal Kingdom Lodge- Storm was brewing in the background - (2007)

Tower of Terror - (2008)

My favorite picture of Hollywood Studios' landmark- the Hat (2006)

The fountain at Port Orleans French Quarter - my camera fogged up when I went outside and got this shot (2007)

Which one is the real Nemo and Marlin? (2006)

Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse in front of Cinderella Castle - (2008)

A bird at Caribbean Beach Resort (2010)



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Great pics Lauren.


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Awesome pictures! I totally recognize that Giraffe from our stay at AKL last!




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Great pics!! Wow!! I love the POFQ fountain picture. There are so many gorgeous shots hidden among the grounds of the resorts.

Thank you for sharing! clapping

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Those are GREAT pics! Thanks for posting - it's almost like being there right now!! muchlove

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Thanks for the pictures they are great. awesome


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Beautiful pictures! I wish my pictures came out half that well!


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mandyandriley wrote:
Awesome pictures! I totally recognize that Giraffe from our stay at AKL last!

You guys should collaborate on a name for him/her.

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Those pictures are great. Thanks for sharing Smile


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I love this one... that is just an awesome picture. Thank you for sharing all of them!


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Great pictures!! Thanks for sharing!


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I really like that ToT picture.

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Those are marvelous!