My Disney Work Trip/Tips

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My Disney Work Trip/Tips

Hi just got back!
It was definately fun and very tiring as i didn't have a down day but we managed to do all 4 themeparks and the two water parks.

You can bring food and i suggest you do. We froze water bottles and it lasted all day. Two a person was plenty and it was really nice to have ice cold water that's for sure. I had a small insulated bag in my backpack. Water there is $2.50 a bottle. We also brought in chips and bagels with cream cheese as the frozen water kept everything cold.
It rained every day. Almost on days at around 5 or so. And VERY hard our poncho's came in handy. Buy some at the dollar store and then dry each night. Otherwise you will pay about $10 for on at the park.

We got to the parks between 8:30-8:45 and it was nice because even though we had to wait 30 min the crowds were definately less in the AM. So hit the rides you wanna ride most first. We did the fast pass for the rest. Oh and getting there early meant close parking so no tram riding.

Magic Kingdom - was a like a smaller version of Disneyland. it didn't have everything that disneyland has as it has some attractions at the other parks.

Animal Kingdom - my daughter loved this park. Thought it was like a zoo and disney combined. Again not that big at all.

Epcot - very small probably the most boring for the kids. not many rides

Hollywood - this was fun again not big.

We finished each park in a day and didn't even stay the whole day since we got there when it opened. I would highly suggest the site that tells you which day is the least crowded as it seemed accurate for us.

Typhon lagoon - not many thrill rides but a cool wave pool that has huge waves. The waves were so scary that I didn't even venture far out. has a shark/fish snorkel tank which was cool. Very cold salt water but it was cool to see the fish and sharks.

Blizzard beach - more thrill rides and a tame wave pool

Lockers are 13 or 15 with 5 return with key. 2 dollar towel rentals
you have to get there early to claim a spot that is under cover. We were able to do this again getting there 30 min prior.

hope this helps and please message me with any questions.

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Hi Love! I moved this post over to the "Trip Reports" forum where it better fits.

Sounds like you had a whirlwind trip! Did you have fun? laugh I think you may be the first person that I have ever read to think that it was all small! Especially when directly comparing it to Disneyland (which could fit into the MK's parking lot)

You must cover a LOT of distance on a daily basis mickey

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Epcot can be fun if you know where to look the countries are fun but the science behind the seeds tour and the hydroponics just amazes me. That to me is what Epcot should be about. I do love taking the camera around Epcots countries and if you like the cheese plates at any of the restaurants you can get a big one at the bakery in France that you can take back to the rooms when they sort out the fridge problem. I have been to Disneyland and its no where near as big and just MK but as long as you had fun thats the main thing awesome Hollywood Studios has the drawing classes every 30 min and we spend allot of time doing those.

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Thanks for sharing your experiences! Welcome home!

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Disney World is much bigger than DL. Sounds like you had a busy, but fun trip. EPCOT is great for kids, but it takes time seeing all the countries and really experiencing it. Smile