New (COVID-19) Merchandise Pick-up Being Tested at Animal Kingdom

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New (COVID-19) Merchandise Pick-up Being Tested at Animal Kingdom

Using package pick-up and delivery was a definite tip and trick that I used at Walt Disney World all the time. Sadly when the pandemic came this handy dandy service was discontinued for the health and safety of both guests and cast. I just read over on the DFB that Disney is testing out a new strategy for holding merchandise.

Windtraders in Pandora is testing the Merchandise Holding System. Guests receive an Article Storage slip, which they fill out with all of the required information. This spot can hold merchandise you've purchased from any Disney gift shop and store it until 5:00PM. Guests then must return to Windtraders by 5:00PM to pick up the merchandise before leaving the Park.

While this is a severely scaled down version of what used to be available, it's nice to know that Disney is trying to come up with some storage souvenir solutions for guests.

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Many times I've sent purchases back to my resort. This service is a good alternative. Hope they expand it to the other parks.