New dooney and burke purse

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New dooney and burke purse

So wish I could afford one of these


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I always question my co-workers, who are obsessed with Coach purses, why they would spend so much on a purse. All the while I secretly covet one of the D&B Disney ones.


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I LOVE this one!

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Love it!


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These will sell out at the expo absolutely adorable. I love my Dooney Disney bag!



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Ooh I live the design - I do hope they're available in two weeks laugh
My mum gave me $100 to spend so I suppose that could go towards a special item!!!
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Love the vivid design on these! So cool! I got a small crossbody when we went for our honeymoon, but badly wanted a bigger one.....I found a used one on ebay not too long ago, and upgraded. It's not as big as I would like, but didn't have the money to spend. I need a bigger one though! I'm not normally obsessed with purses this much but I love the Disney Dooneys!