A New Option! 2020 Disney Dining Plan Plus

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A New Option! 2020 Disney Dining Plan Plus


What do you all think about the new option in Disney Dining plans, Disney Dining Plan Plus?

This option sits in between the standard DDP, and the Deluxe DDP offering guests that can't handle the intense amount of food in the Deluxe option the same flexibility on a smaller scale. I think my family might give this one a try on our next trip. What about you?

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If we didn't have Tables in Wonderland we would definitely try this out. Deluxe dining was a lot for us but we like a couple of sit down meals or at the very least a signature meal each day so this would be great for us.

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I agree with Allie, without TIW this one would be a winner for us. I even ran numbers for our soon to be canceled April trip. TIW is still cheaper for us than the new plan.

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IF we don't have to cancel our May trip, we are getting this plan. Normally we don't get a dining plan but we wanted to splurge this trip.

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I think it sounds like a good option.