New Strollers Being Tested at

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New Strollers Being Tested at

Have you seen the new strollers for rent that are being tested? They look *so* much better than the old one Disney has used. My kids may have been happy in one of these. Not that I have to worry about that right now, but one of these days grandkids will come along and I may be back in the stroller game at WDW.

What do you think of these? I guess my big concern is that they seem like they would be much more difficult to keep clean will all the soft surfaces.

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I never had to worry about strollers but often thought the plastic ones looked so uncomfortable. I agree, the new ones seem like they will be harder to clean. Maybe the cover comes off to put in the washer?


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I wonder what material it is made of... All I could think of was how gross Ab's would get on a day to day basis and how much I cleaned it because I couldn't stand all the food stuck to it and stains from drinks. And that was a black one...

They do seem far more comfortable looking and smaller and easier to handle looking too.


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They look like the same strollers they offer in Disneyland.