New Sundaes at Taste Track

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New Sundaes at Taste Track

Have you all seen this review at the DFB? There are some amazing looking new sundaes at Epcot. I want one of each!

specialty-sundaes_taste-track_17-01-399x600.jpg59.61 KB
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Now, if they had a root beer float I would be all over that thing.

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OK, here's the kicker... I only eat ice cream in the winter. I HATE melted ice cream. yuck yuck

Now if it was served inside then maaaaaaayyyybe... I do want a milkshake from Planet Hollywood. Hopefully I can finish off one of those babies!


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looks yummy


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I might try the apple pie one, but not the other 2. I have texture challenges when it comes to ice cream - i do not care for the bits of cake that would become part of the ice cram. Weird, I know, but I hate it. I'd think the churro might be similar, but for some reason I think the apple pie one might be ok.

But then they go and add cotton candy to the pound cake one? Cruel.... laugh

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Yup, I need the churro one please and thanks. muchlove