New to WDWFG - Hello

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New to WDWFG - Hello

Big Disney Nut since first visit in 1981 !!

So pleased to find a grown up site for ideas and chat.

Doing OKW in Sept - how do you create a countdown ??

Disney 332


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welcome welcome welcome this site is great


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Welcome! How many times have you been to the World? What are your favorite restaurants?

Here is a link to create a countdown banner. It will give you a URL to copy in the signature section of your profile.


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Welcome to WDWFG.


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Welcome to the best Disney board around Smile


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welcome Disney 332 glad you found and joined our group.


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welcome welcome welcome welcome welcome


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Welcome!!!! I just joined a few days ago and am absolutely LOVING this site! Everyone is so friendly and helpful. stars

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Welcome to the group clapping
Dee mickey


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Welcome! Glad you found us!


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yay Well hello there!!

So nice to have you join us! Just jump on in and join the conversations!

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welcome Tell us some of your favorites at WDW!


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Mase wrote:

I love that!!

Welcome welcome!!!!!!!!! I love's such a great resort..are you a DVC owner?


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Welcome to the boards! Have you made any ADRs yet?

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Welcome, Disney 332! So exciting that you have a trip planned for Sept! Will you be attending Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party? Any special experiences or ADRs made yet?