New Years at Disneyworld!?!? Advice Please!!

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New Years at Disneyworld!?!? Advice Please!!

My husband and I usually have the bi-costal Disney passes and make 1-2 trips to Disneyworld year and 6+ to Disneyland. This year we decided to just get Disneyworld passes and make lots of trips there this year. yay We have done New Year's Eve a few times in Disneyland and have always had a blast. The magic kingdom does normally get pretty packed and it shuts down entry a little bit here and there but Cal Disney is normally pretty empty especially the later it gets. So this year we decided to give DW a try for New Years. I would love to hear from anyone who has ever done New Years in DW. We are mostly interested in staying in either Epcot or Hollywood Studios, does anyone know how packed these parks are? I am not interested in staying in the park ALL day but was hoping to be able to re-enter around 7 or so. confused Any tips, tricks and/or advise for a New Years DW newbie would be so greatly appreciated!

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I've been in WDW twice for NYE and I'm doing it again this year. It gets pretty crowded but I don't think Epcot has ever closed. There are levels of closure. I've never seen the other parks closed, but I've heard it happens. On site guests with annual passes have priority.

I'll be at Epcot on 12/31 and I'll get there at 2 or 3, do some rides, have dinner at 6:30 and then start partying. DHS would be my third choice behind Epcot and MK.

My only tip would be to pack light, dress comfortable, maybe get a locker if you have stuff to carry. I wouldn't take the gamble of showing up at 7pm. And go with the flow and try to enjoy the chaos.


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Definitely do Epcot! I also suggest staying at Boardwalk, Beach Club, or Yacht Club if you can swing it so that you can walk "home" afterwards. I've heard the mayhem trying to leave afterwards is the worst part. Have a great time!

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Keep an eye on the weather, it can get a little cool at night beach