October Baby

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October Baby

So October Baby is this new movie that just came out in theaters if you haven't already heard about it. It was filmed in Birmingham, AL, which is about an hour from me. Rick and Bubba, a national radio show out of Birmingham has been talking with the actors and director for the past few weeks so we decided to go see it this weekend.

It was a low budget film, and I was totally expecting it to be just that. I was expecting horrible acting (think Kirk Cameron in Fireproof) and a so-so story line, but Brandon wanted to go see it so we did.

The story is about a girl who collapses at a play in college. She apparently has had health problems her whole life. In trying to find out what is wrong with her, the doctor and her parents come clean that she was adopted. But not only that, she was also born out of a failed abortion. The movie is about her trying to find herself and her place in the world.

This definately has to be one of the most amazing movies I have ever seen! I laughed, I cried (the guy next to Brandon was sobbing!)... It is a MUST MUST MUST see!!! I would go watch it again tonight if I had the opportunity! AMAZING MOVIE!!!

Has anyone else seen it???


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John Schneider was promoting this movie when he was recently on Kathy Lee & Hoda. It looks really good! Glad you liked it.