O'hana bread pudding....or your favorite disney dessert

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O'hana bread pudding....or your favorite disney dessert

sooo...I literally dreamed of it last night so I think its time to try making it. I looked it up and found a couple of recipes from different sources. Has any one tried to make it at home.

for that matter what is your fav Disney dessert and have you ever tried recreating it at home??


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I would have to say one of my favorites is a snack, ZEBRA DOMES from Animal Kingdom Lodge, muchlove muchlove .


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I love the chocolate "moose" at Le Cellier. mmmmm


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I dont remember what it was called on the top of my head, but at The Wave... and with the help of Google! Here we go!

Freshly Made Gelato
Popcorn Gelato
Rocky Road Chocolate Gelato
Peanut Butter and Jelly Gelato

Loved each one of them! All of them were awesome! I may have to stop by and get a carry out of it... lol


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Oh goodness..I am not sure I could choose. I am right there with you though...Bread Pudding is right at the top of my list. and Zebra Domes..and Dole Whips..and Key Lime Pie from Olivia's..I don't think I can decide.


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