Pics from The Magic, The Memories, and You! Show

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Pics from The Magic, The Memories, and You! Show

Have y'all heard of this? I believe it hearkens back to the rather anticlimactic "big announcement" last fall - but here's a preview of the new slideshow "The Magic, The Memories, and You," which will apparently be played just before Wishes, and will be 10 minutes long. There's a video of a preview in this link:

Here's another pic that looks more like what I was seeing on Twitter the other nite. Sorry it's not larger (photo copyright Disney):

Thoughts? I suppose it would be nice to see your pic, and the projection is neat and all, but...maybe something is lost in translation. I'll be happy to know the impressions of folks who see it (we're rarely at the parks til closing.)


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My first thought was that this might be a nice filler to help the countdown to the real show. But that's about it for me.

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I've read that it was hard to photograph.

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Interesting, but I don't know about for 10 minutes. Although I guess it's a lot of pictures they want to get up.