Planning your "volunteer day" for Give a Day Get a Day Promo

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Planning your "volunteer day" for Give a Day Get a Day Promo

I wanted to post the Disney Parks info-page on the volunteer promo:

I also just saw this cool thing at Theme Park Insider -- if anyone is in or near Orlando in December, this Habitat for Humanity build might be fun! This won't count for the promo, but it's still a neat idea.

I'm considering getting a bunch of friends together to volunteer in my community for the promo -- could make a whole day out of it. Meet in the morning with donuts and coffee, spend the day volunteering, then head back to someone's house for pizza and game night!

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I think getting a bunch of people together to do this would be really fun. Great idea, and thanks for the links. I'd really like to participate in the Theme Park Insider Hab for Hum day.


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I haven't decided yet what I'd like to do. Does anyone know if they have something extra for people with annual passes? A free day doesn't do much...




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