Pools at Sea!

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Pools at Sea!

"H2Ohhh! - When the Disney Dream launched, it boasted the AquaDuck, first water coaster at sea. A 765-foot long, twisting-and-turning scream machine, the get-wet attraction has been a huge hit with guests. Aboard the Disney Fantasy, the AquaDuck is joined by AquaLab, a water area where families can play among pop jets, geysers and bubblers. There also are separate pools for children, families and adults " plus a special splash-and-play area for little ones." Source

Do water fun options influence what ship you chose when cruising? Do you enjoy a splash zone (I know I do) just as much as the kids? What part do you think pools and water playgrounds should play in choosing a cruise line?

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I'm 43, my baby sister is 27 our middle sister is over 39 laugh we had more fun riding the aquaduck on the Dream last year than my nephews and young cousins. DW & I are taking our niece on the Fantasy in December...I'm totally looking forward to the aqualab and the two slides on CC.
I am also excited about satellite falls so much so that I bought a water proof case for the iPad 2. I love being on Disney ships. I don't need a casino. I grew up 4 hours from Vegas. I want unique fun in a magical setting and a 2-1 special every couple of hours biggrin


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I really want to go on a cruise. I think I should start saving my pennies to go on a disney one!