Port of Call: Key West

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Port of Call: Key West

Has anyone every been to Key West? I haven't been there for at least 25 years, and we'll be stopping there on our next cruise. I'm wondering what there is to do. Have you been to Key West? What did you enjoy most?

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Hi Kristen,
I love Key West. Two out of our last four Florida trips have been split between Disney and Key West.

My favourite place is Blue Heaven in Bahama Village. It is rustic, but great atmosphere. Breakfast, lunch and dinner, bar and live music.

Sunset Celebration at Mallory Square.

Walk down Duvall Street, shops, bars and restaurants. We went to a fabulous Italian restaurant on Duvall Street, but I can't remember what it was called! (It is on the same side of Duvall as Mangoes, not far from there towards Mallory Square.)

Sloppy Joes is probably the most famous bar but can be busy and very full of tourists. We also like the outside small bar at Ricks, Captain Tonys and The Green Parrot.

The Gardens hotel sometimes has jazz in the gardens and has an excellent selection of wines. It is quiet and secluded, but check opening hours for non-residents.

The conch train tour is worth doing if you want to find out more about the history of Key West, and see beyond Duvall Street.

Ernest Hemingways house. I love cats, but you probably wouldn't want to go there if you don't!

You probably did all these things 25 years ago. I don't think much has changed! laugh


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