Potential Move to Florida

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Potential Move to Florida

Hi everyone!

It has been a while since I really posted. With finishing school, work and life, it has been crazy. Just as the subject says: Florida has now moved to our #1 place for our big move. Having lived in New Jersey all my life and saying that I would never leave, it has come time to spread our wings a bit. With winter quickly heading our way, I am dreading another snow-filled season.

We need help though! We have no idea even where to start looking other than my husband will most likely be working in Orlando at his friend's shop. I work in higher ed and there seems to be quite a few options there for me. We are looking for a place that has good schools (this is #1 for us), safe neighborhood, not too far from Orlando--but it can be a commute up to 45 minutes or so, and someplace that has more of a rural/suburban feel rather than city. Our list so far is: Lake Mary, Oviedo, Mount Dora (my husband's friend lives there and loves it). Any advice from Floridians on here or others with a bit more knowledge of the area would be great!



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I have not advice or suggestions as I live in MA but I wanted to say congrats...and how lucky you will be to be so close to Disney.




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Ditto kathy, I've got no helpful input but am so jealous! Congrats! yay

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This is where friends of ours live. I have not been to the house yet but the way they talk about it makes me want to move there!! Lot's of community involvement, wild life, trails, and more. What really intrigues me is that it is a "dark sky" community!



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We've visited Lake Mary, and the area is beautiful! Congratulations clapping

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I have several friends that live in Claremont and love it.

I have heard that you really need to stay away from Celebration. The houses and area is lovely but there people there are... intense. There is a lot of social pressure, I guess that's a nice way to say it.

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We lived in DeBary Florida, which is between Orlando and Daytona Beach. We enjoyed it very much. Just a bit north of Lake Mary. I4 is very convenient. Deland has a high school with advanced programs that our daughter went to. Excellent for students and great opportunities for teachers.