Pouting Because I'm not at D23 Expo

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Pouting Because I'm not at D23 Expo

sad I know, I know, it's completely unattractive, but I'm totally pouting this weekend that I'm not at the D23 Expo in Anaheim right now. Would anyone else like to join my "woe is me" fest? I haven't decided yet if I'll be glued to my computer for updates, or trying in vain to ignore that it's going on completely. I'm sure it will actually be glued to my computer trying to visit online with everyone to share in at least a little bit of the fun. One way or another it's happening and there's sure to be some fantastic news and announcements coming in the next few days!

If you would like to follow along - these friends of mine are tweeting updates all weekend long.


WDW Radio will be Broadcasting Live from their booth on the collectors floor Aug 9-11th http://www.wdwradio.com/

Most of these folks also have facebook pages that they're posting on - let me know if you would prefer that URL to the Twitter handle.

What about you? Do you wish you were there? Who are you following live from D23? Share your feeds!

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Ya know, Joe offered to take me as an early birthday present when we were still living in CA. But I figured we had enough trips going on this year already and didn't think we needed one more. In retrospect glad we didn't buy the tickets because it would be a lot harder to go from MN!

I'll be following along throughout. We already follow D23 and loumongello, but now I have more to add thanks to you!

I'll join your pout-Fest!! Though I am not as pouty because we are down to 38 days for the other trip!!

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This just popped up in my news feed live D23 coverage from DAPS

DAPs Live! -- First off, check out DAPs Live! at http://live.dapsmagic.com. This is where various members of the DAPs Magic team will be live blogging from the different events happening at the D23 Expo.

Twitter -- Many of the DAPs Magic team members will be also tweeting from the D23 Expo. If you would like, you can follow all (or none I suppose) of our team. DAPs Magic will also be tweeting from its official twitter handle: @daps_magic

Here is the DAPs Magic team as found on twitter:

@mrdaps - Mr. DAPs
@dapsmurray " Murray the Bellhop
@rgrabbit1 - Roger Rabbit
@jaysquivel " Jonathan
@caitlynnoel - Caitlyn
@mattredman " Matthew

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Photo Post from the Parks & Resorts exhibition at D23 - Avatar, Star Wars & Disney Springs clues


Bob Iger said this morning though that they were "Speechless" on the upcoming projects because there just were not enough details yet to share. But it's obvious that Imagineering is hard at work.

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you and me both sister...I thought long and hard about it but just couldn't justify taking the days off work. I'll settle for my upcoming trip and hopefully I'll be able to buy the 3d puzzle and other fun stuff online one day.


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