Price increases

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Price increases

Disney announced price increases of park tickets and parking by a few bucks. I think we can all agree that WDW is not the cheapest place to vacation. I really don't want to debate cost vs. value. My question is simple, what would you be willing to give up to go to WDW?


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Vacations are a HUGE luxury for my family these days. Sadly, our Park Days have already taken a hit and we usually only have two or three on any given trip. When I'm there in two weeks we will be doing zero Park days because I just can't afford it right now. Because of costs it has generally become easier for us to cruise than to do WDW. I'll never give up Disney, but vacations are absolutely becoming farther between each other, and the things we do when there have been changing.

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a kidney......

That was sort of the response I was hoping to get, but I have a warped sense of humor. That's what I get for trying to make light of the subject.

This is a popular topic on some of the forums with a lot of spirited discussion. Invariably the debate turns into "don't go if you can't afford it" and "it's just not worth it anymore". I'm resigned to the fact that they will continue to raise prices from now on. I'll either pay it or not, just like everybody else. I guess no is willing to give up anything to go to WDW...


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Happy to say that we purchased our Platinum Plus Annual Passes back in December before the prices went up! $$$ eek

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Disney vacations are a priority for us so we give up a lot of other material purchases to cover our costs. We also hustle. Husband I both work full time jobs, he directs shows for the local theater company in the evenings, I coach competitive speech at my alma mater, I am a Disney travel agent (NOT an advertisement..just a fact), and I used to donate plasma until I had to stop for medical reasons. We work our butts off and all that "side" money goes to our vacation account. So when people side eye me for all of our Disney trips, I roll my eyes and ignore the negativity because we need those vacations after how much we put into earning that money!

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We may have to sacrifice some of that Disney World money and check out some other places...

[We're AP holders in Tampa, so for the past 5+ years we've just been going to Disney 4 times a year staying at the resorts for long weekends to get value out of those tickets. But those room rates keep climbing and I'm starting to feel like we should be exploring some other travel destinations with the $1000's we spend at Disney World!]

Like Disneyland!

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ThatMouse wrote:

Like Disneyland!

laugh laugh laugh awesome awesome awesome


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Here is all the tickets and their price increase:

Ticket / Pass Old Price New Price Dollar Increase Percent Increase
1-Day MK Value Ticket $107.00 $109.00 $2.00 1.9%
1-Day MK Regular Ticket $115.00 $119.00 $4.00 3.5%
1-Day MK Peak Ticket $119.00 $129.00 $10.00 8.4%
1-Day Non-MK Value Ticket $99.00 $102.00 $3.00 3.0%
1-Day Non-MK Regular Ticket $107.00 $114.00 $7.00 6.5%
1-Day Non-MK Peak Ticket $119.00 $122.00 $3.00 2.5%
2-Day Ticket $199.00 $209.00 $10.00 5.0%
2-Day Ticket + Park Hopper $259.00 $274.00 $15.00 5.8%
3-Day Ticket $289.00 $305.00 $16.00 5.5%
3-Day Ticket + Park Hopper $349.00 $370.00 $21.00 6.0%
4-Day Ticket $350.00 $380.00 $30.00 8.6%
4-Day Ticket + Park Hopper $425.00 $455.00 $30.00 7.1%
5-Day Ticket $370.00 $395.00 $25.00 6.8%
5-Day Ticket + Park Hopper $445.00 $470.00 $25.00 5.6%
6-Day Ticket $390.00 $405.00 $15.00 3.8%
6-Day Ticket + Park Hopper $465.00 $480.00 $15.00 3.2%
7-Day Ticket $410.00 $415.00 $5.00 1.2%
7-Day Ticket + Park Hopper $485.00 $490.00 $5.00 1.0%
8-Day Ticket $420.00 $425.00 $5.00 1.2%
8-Day Ticket + Park Hopper $495.00 $500.00 $5.00 1.0%
9-Day Ticket $430.00 $435.00 $5.00 1.2%
9-Day Ticket + Park Hopper $505.00 $510.00 $5.00 1.0%
10-Day Ticket $440.00 $445.00 $5.00 1.1%
10-Day Ticket + Park Hopper $515.00 $520.00 $5.00 1.0%
Silver AP (FL only) $419.00 $439.00 $20.00 4.8%
Gold AP (FL / DVC only) $559.00 $589.00 $30.00 5.4%
Platinum AP (FL / DVC only) $679.00 $729.00 $50.00 7.4%
Platinum Plus AP (FL / DVC only) $769.00 $829.00 $60.00 7.8%
Platinum AP $779.00 $849.00 $70.00 9.0%
Platinum Plus AP $869.00 $949.00 $80.00 9.2%
DL / WDW Premier Pass $1,439.00 $1,579.00 $140.00 9.7%
Water Parks AP $125.00 $130.00 $5.00 4.0%
Water Parks After 2 pm AP (FL only) $75.00 $79.00 $4.00 5.3%
FL Weekday Select (FL only) $269.00 $289.00 $20.00 7.4%
Epcot After 4 pm AP (FL only) $219.00 $239.00 $20.00 9.1%


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We won't sacrifice the trips, but we will sacrifice the parks. Just stayed at WL in January for five days. We never stopped running around, but never went into a park. We love touring resorts, and we had a blast! We're hoping to hit the parks every two to three years, that's about as often as we can afford to go now. I truly miss those 10 day non-expiring tickets....sigh.