Read any good books lately?

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Read any good books lately?

I'm a big fan of reading about Disney World so I figured we could share some books on the subject.

My first recommendation is "Realityland: true life adventures at Walt Disney World."

This book is loaded with tons of Information about the planning, Creation, and business of running Disney World in a very non-Sugar coated way. Among other things you'll learn is...

1. What the heck is the Swan and Dolphin doing in WDW? They don't seem to fit at all.

2. Why didn't they build the EPCOT Walt promised? This one has been sore topic for me for a while but after you see it spelled out I really don't see how it could have been done without some major changes.

3. How did they get god like power over their property. (Disney can make the state build roads, you try that.)

Recommend, Read, Report.

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marzyar wrote:

Recommend, Read, Report.

Ah! A book report thread! Just what I was always hoping to find in a forum!

I am excited to read realityland. I was just thinking that I need to delve into a bunch of good books--haven't read anything of substance in a while.

Now, do we need to stick to just Disney books, or can we suggest other nonfiction that we find interesting?


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marzyar wrote:
Disney can make the state build roads, you try that

I've heard they can write their own bonds!




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