Renewing vows in WDW

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Yogini wrote:
When my parents were married 40 years we did an untraditional/unofficial vow renewal!

Mom and Dad had no idea they were going to renew their vows.

I gave Jane ( the story of How Mom and Dad met. Gave her all the details of what they did for a living, our first trip to Disney and their favorite attractions. With this came something very magical.....

After breakfast at Cindy's Castle we met at Snow White's fountain to make a wish for their 40th Wedding Anniversary when a woman popped out of nowhere and asked if they were Theresa and Santo, Mom looking confused said yes, we are. Jane replied with a simple, "This is for you." She handed Mom and Dad a Scroll with the first of many suprises. The scroll read how Mom and Dad met, where they went on their first date etc... at the end it asked them to go to the Carousel.

Once on the Carousel, another woman popped out of nowhere and handed Dad another Scroll. Telling a short story of how and when my brother and I were born and of our first memories of Disney. At the end of this scroll it asked them to go to It's a Small World.

While riding on it's a Small World (and as you can imagine, it's now getting emotional) yet another woman reaches her hand over Mom and Dad's shoulder to give them the last scroll. This tells the story of how much they have loved one another over the past 40 years and poked fun at two of them (i.e. Dad's nickname is Cinderfella, because he is retired and does the housework and how despite Mom's NON cooking abilities he still loves her). At the end of this scroll it asked for all of us to proceed to the gazebo area (the rose garden) where they renewed their vows and got sprinkled with Pixie Dust.

That was a very quick version!!! It was fantastic!!! Very relaxed and nothing fancy but....IT WAS MAGICAL!!! Dad cried the whole day, he wouldn't (the funny part was he was wearing his grumpy shirt).

Jane was delightful hugged and kissed all of us and made us feel so special. Mom and Dad got to keep the rest of the pixied dust and the girls were given septors.

I have used Jane since this suprise for some smaller scavanger hunts for friends and she has yet to disappoint!

Amazing! I really want to use their services sometime! I thought about doing it for my husband on our last trip but I looked into it too late and they weren't available the only day that would have worked for us.