Rental car offers from your airline

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Rental car offers from your airline

Boy am I feeling sheepish! laugh

I was going through my inbox this morning, tossing out the inevitable junk mail when I saw an email from Southwest Airlines offering a rental car discount for my upcoming trip. I've gotten these kinds of emails before and usually just toss them out for various reasons: I don't need a rental when I get there, we're doing Magical Express, whatever. This time, I clicked through and checked the rates they were offering for my dates.

Wow. eek Nearly half of what I would have paid for a rental going through Costco (my usual discount stand by) and for an upgraded class of car. So yeah....that's booked! I think other airlines offer deals like this so keep an eye on your inbox!

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WHoo hoo! That's awesome mickey

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Boy I'm glad I read this! It never occurred to me to rent a car through Costco!

I made a reservation last week for a car, and just made the same reservation through Costco and saved another $40!

Thanks Becks!!! muchlove