Resort Airline Check-In

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Resort Airline Check-In

Did you know, that if you're flying to CONUS destinations out of the Orlando International Airport on a participating airline, you can check in for your flight, check your luggage and receive your airline boarding pass right at your Disney Resort hotel!

AirTran Airways
Alaska Airlines
American Airlines
Delta Air Lines
JetBlue Airways
Southwest Airlines
United Airlines
US Airways

I've used the service several times now and have really enjoyed the ease it gave me getting through the airport on my way home. Have you ever used Disney's Resort Airline Check-In Service? What was your experience with it?

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I am actually wondering if we can get a discounted rate for our wedding with one of these carriers.



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We used it during our trip last October and were quite pleased. Very easy, and once done you don't have to worry about the checked baggage etc. But we were flying Southwest (no reserved seats) and paid extra for an early boarding slot, so we got our boarding passes from Guest Services the night before.

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We've used it on all of our trips and it was the best! hassles with baggage and it's nice to have the boarding passes when we arrive at MCO. The first two visits we travelled with JetBlue and this last trip was with United. The experience was the same with both airlines.


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We can't use this since we fly to and from Canada. I hope someday they extend it to more airlines.



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I've used it and never had any issues. The best part is you get a boarding pass with Mickey on it.

Note for those who aren't familiar with this service: if you are flying an airline that charges for checked bag fees, your Magical Express information will include a phone number to call the night before to pay your checked bag fees. They will give you a confirmation number that you will give to the CM when they check you in for your flight.


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I use it every time. We use to prepay for baggage, now we just pay at the bell desk...then leave our carry on at bell services.
I love this service.


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This is quite honestly one of the top five things I love about Disney.


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I have used this many times and never had a problem with tickets, baggage, etc.

My tip, get there early especially on high travel days. We were in line for 45 minutes one Sunday morning at the Poly! It was crazy!