RFID Bracelets

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RFID Bracelets

I just read a news story about WDW and RFID bracelets. RFID is a scanning system that identifies you without having to show identification...it's all taken care of beforehand. I really like the idea. Any one else have an opinion or know what the whole story is?


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We already have several threads on this, but here is an article Kristen wrote. RFID

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This piece from earlier this week goes into a little more detail about the RFID MagicBands


I don't really like things around my wrist, so I'm not sure that I will use the MagicBand. However I love being able to put everything into one place. I think I will likely opt out of the MagicBand after giving it an initial try and simply keep it all on my Key to The World Card. I really like how they're pulling all of these smaller projects together and creating a new cutting edge overall experience. I don't have an issue with the technology and Disney "tracking" me. Heck, I sold my sou to Disney years ago. If data mining my family can create a better guest experience I'm all for it. I do have some security concerns, but they're minor.

Do you think it will enhance your guest experience?