Rumor: Designer Disney Princess Bride Dolls?

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Rumor: Designer Disney Princess Bride Dolls?

When I was at the Disney Store yesterday I overheard a pretty intense Disney Doll Collector asking the Manager about the rumor he had heard that next year there would be a Designer Disney Princess Bride Collection of Dolls coming out. The manager barely managed a shrug of the shoulders and said nothing. Has anyone else heard this rumor and would the Disney Store Manager even be privy to that type of information so far in advance? confused


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I doubt that the retail staff would no much before the general public, even when the store is owned by the corporation putting out the product. Especially when it comes to collectibles, some insider buying issues can develop.

It's like the staff at the comic book shop I go to. They don't get insider info from Marvel about new books that are being launched, they hear about it as rumors then confirmed press releases just like the rest of us.


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