Service At WDW

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Service At WDW

I was talking recently to someone who goes to WDW every once in a while, but isn't a nut like me. They were complaining about some of the service which I thought was odd. Do you guys feel like there's been any trends in the service changing? We've been going for a while and we feel like it's been pretty consistent. Usually on a trip we'll have maybe one person who isn't up to par and the rest are excellent. For those who've been going for longer than us are there "good old days" when things were better?

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The last time I was at Epcot, we had several less than stellar CM experiences. We had a number of CM's (not in World Showcase areas) who barely spoke English and more than a couple who made it seem as though we were bothering them by asking a question (such as how to get from here to there).

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I can't remember too much from the last trip in terms of bad/poor service. Usually things are pretty great, and if there is a problem, they take care of it quickly. Hmmm. I'll have to put some thought into this and get back to you... and I'll keep aware on the trip coming up.




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I haven't noticed a rapid change in service, but as someone who has been going there for 40 years there has absolutely been a decline. First it happened largely during the Eisner years, and then I noticed another slip about 8-10 years ago that I blame on both 9/11 and the economy slowing down.

When I was a child cast members would bend over backwards for you for any little thing, but as Disney's growth occurred and it became more crowded and busy that became less and less the case. There have been times lately where I've felt that the cast members are now trained to first assume that guests are lying when they have a problem. I really hate feeling like that and having to be so firm in my convictions when trying to get something fixed when it used to just happen like magic.

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I don't really know what the service used to be like at Disney but I think its still great now. Everyone always has a smile on their face and they are all nice. I told my co workers one day when they were all complaining about their jobs that I would love to work at Disney cause everyone is so happy. They said its because they are probably all on a ton of Prozac. I told them I'm ok with that as long as they are The only bad service we had this past trip was a couple of slow waiters


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I agree with Jess. I've only been going as an adult since 2008 but the service has always been great. There's the odd cast member that doesn't seem as "into it" as the others but they still provide proper service.

I haven't run into any disgruntled cast members yet.

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Here in Canada the word service seems to not mean anything now but we find once we cross the boarder service is amazing. I think perhaps it is because in Ontario minimum wage is 10.25 per hour. Whatever the reason, we have always had great service at Disney.(except for one little problem which was taken care of promptly). It has always put us in awe that when we are there people practically bend over backwards to make our stay memorable.

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In general I get excellent service at Disney, but I had a more formal upbringing than most people I meet. I'd get scolded as a boy if I didn't say please and thank you to service people, and a smile was mandatory as well. I don't have anything to compare it to but I think it makes a big difference.

Oooh one other thing. Whenever I have a criticism or problem to deal with, I always start with, I know it's not your fault,but I was wondering if you could help me ... . I can't remember who taught me that one but it works.


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I haven't noticed any real decline. There can be spots of poor service - for instance, a surly bathroom attendant at MK who told me I couldn't bring a stroller in and use the handicap stall (I was alone with a 6 month old at the time...I'm still not sure where she wanted me to leave him, or how I was supposed to use the bathroom while holding an infant, but I digress...) On the contrary, I am always amazed at just how helpful and friendly CMs are, when I know for a fact they don't make much money.

The one exception, and I really, really don't mean to sound cliche, are the international CMs in the France Pavilion in Epcot. I haven't had rude service, but it's certainly felt abrupt. It's probably a cultural thing, and I'm probably being hypersenstivie. But DH and I love France; we don't have an inclination to dislike any certain group of people. It's caused me to pass by France in favor of other experiences, though