A short, sad trip report 19 to 22 Feb 2014

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A short, sad trip report 19 to 22 Feb 2014

Alas, I was hoping to be able to regale everyone in the delights of all my illustrious photos of places and food...but it wasn't meant to be.

On the upside: we *did go* to WDW, specifically Epcot and Magic Kingdom...Coronado Springs turned out better than expected (it even had separate shampoo and conditioner biggrin ) and we didn't get rained-out.

On the downside: I hate...HATE our digital camera...and my cell phone camera.

On the upside: we *now have* a new camera...all I have to do is read the manual and figure out how to operate it. Fortunately, I have time before I absolutely need it (a niece's wedding, in South Carolina, at the end of April.)

The good of the trip:

I got to go on the following rides, that I'd never done before: Dumbo, the Teacups, Haunted Mansion, It's a Small World, and something or other with music...I forget, it was a last minute, before the park closes, sort of thing.

I also got to see the Electrical Parade...*that* was cool! I'm really, really glad we used a FP for it, so we were *right there* and had space to move a lil bit.

Most humorous thing heard in Magic Kingdom: (from a child who couldn't have been older than 7) "I'm not here to make friends!" OMG...*that* was hilarious...I was like, awesome!

Most humorous thing said to me, at Epcot, at Rose & Crown Pub: "You got the manly drink!" I don't recall if I had the Leaping Leprechaun or the Dragon...but whichever allegedly has more alcohol, that's what I had. DH had the one that actually *tasted like* it had more alcohol.

Anyway...something that surprised me: it got up to 87 degrees *real fast*...and was at 90% humidity. I, being me, wore jeans and regretted the heck out of it. DH says he's okay with August-hot-sticky, so I'm like "Okay...looks like I'll be investing in some trendy skorts then." I already have a hand-fan, so I'm good to go there.

The second day was overcast and I was thankful...I think it stayed in the low 80s. It's amazing what a few degrees can do.

Bummer things: didn't get a Kobe burger or Dole Whip, didn't get to Ohana, didn't tour the resorts as I'd hoped to do.

On the upside: I can remedy all of the bummer things, during the next trip! Smile

Wish I could be as awesome as all the rest of the folks with their incredible TRs, but alas, I can aspire to it for the August trip.

Also, sorry I've been M.I.A. One day rolls into another...oy!

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You can never do everything, even if you stay a month. It just gives you a reason to keep going back.

Put your pictures up! It's the content that matters. Anyway, we don't judge here. All Disney pics are good pics.

Question: When you do FP for the parade, where do they put you, in the hub, near the partners statue?


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loved your report !! As the Colonel said All Pictures are good Smile Loved the little kid im not here to make friends rolling .


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Just wondering... from your avatar picture, did you go on Pirates?