Sneak Peek Video of AOA Suites

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Sneak Peek Video of AOA Suites

The Disney Parks Blog posted a video for the AOA Suites. I think this definitely looks like it will be a fun stay.

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Those do look pretty sweet. I wouldn't know which one to choose to stay in if I had a choice.... lol


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Awesome....Would so stay there if we had unlimited trips and unlimited funds


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I saw a previous video and thought AoA looked like so much fun. I'm actually considering it for a future trip even though we don't have kids.


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Awesome!! Now I want to book a room in the Lion King section!! Smile

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I'd be all about the Cars section! Very cool!


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It would have to be Cars for us for sure..since DS is a freak for Lightening McQueen!


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I would absolutely stay in a Lion King room if I had the money, that has always been one of my favorite Disney movies. I would actually probably prefer that over a smaller room at a deluxe resort, since I usually do longer trips, and would love the extra space to make it seem more like a home.

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We have two visits coming up in December in the Little Mermaid section. There's only two of us so getting a suite was too pricey. I can't wait to dip into the Big Blue Pool yay
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