So I'm Jealous of Disneyland's Trader Sam's

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So I'm Jealous of Disneyland's Trader Sam's

I've been reading about Trader Sam's recently and I must say, I think Disney World needs to get something similar. It has components of the old Adventurers Club (although certainly no where close to the "production" of the whole thing) and seems like it would be really cool. All the reviews I've read are very positive and the only downside I see is that it's hard to get in. I've never been but I really want a WDW version.

What do you guys think? Have you heard anything negative about the place? What kind of similar place could Disney World create?

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I've been is pretty awesome..All the bartenders act like Jungle Cruise skippers! WDW def needs something like this!

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I'm jealous, too....WDW needs this clapping




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I would love to see this in Disney World -- Heaven knows there's enough space for something like this!

What's unique about it is that there's so much Disney theme park history built in. I wonder if that will be a component of future attractions since the parks are getting old enough that they DO have some history that can be included.

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It would be wonderful to add something like that to WDW. Where would you put it at WDW? Adventureland? Animal Kingdom? Polynesian? oooooh... Complete Blue sky thought, but how about turning the old discovery island into a Bar and Shop of that sort? A dinner show perhaps? If you had to have a reservation, and access was controlled perhaps they could avoid the loitering that always clogged up the adventurers club. What wonderful things could be done!

I haven't been to Trader Sam's yet, but we're headed to Disneyland in May and I can't wait to try it out. clapping