Sunday Gospel Brunch at the House of Blues

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Sunday Gospel Brunch at the House of Blues

Today's Blog post talks about the Sunday Gospel Brunch at the House of Blues in Downtown Disney.

Has anyone done this? How is the music? Are they performing constantly or are there designated sets? Can all of the rooms hear the music? Did you enjoy the food? Would you go again?

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We need to do this on a trip soon. We never remember it until it's too late.

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i went to the one in chicago once. it was mostly non-stop music but with some breaks. the food was really good! remember though i went probably 10 years ago.

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We went last October at downtown Disney and it was great!! The pictures shown are not how it looks. In front of the stage are large tables with seating for 8. Perhaps those photos are not from Florida. I am not sure what you mean by rooms as it is an open space where everyone has a great view of the stage. How it works is they give you time to eat and then there is the music. The music btw is fantastic!!The food is unbelievable. I couldn't believe the choices and how much there was.

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I'd love to do this. I enjoy the House of Blues food and it would be great to have this experience as well.

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Wow - that sounds amazing! SO many cool things to do, it's really hard to get it all in! Do y'all think it's worth it to leave the park though, in the primetime part of the day?