Things you always mean to do but forget to do.

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Things you always mean to do but forget to do.

Hey all I'm back, sorry I haven't been posting between wedding planning, disneymoon plan and work I haven't had any time. However we had a question come up, our honeymoon might be our last trip to the world for a while, which tokyo, Hong kong and soon Shanghai being cheaper options for us we are going to start heading our Asia way and finally disneyland to. So for our honeymoon we are making a list of loads of things we say we will do and just never do. Here are some example I would love to hear yours

Tom sawers Island and take food.
Citrus swirl
Shoot arcade
Ice cream at the plaza
Get a turkey leg

Explore Canada
Se the Canada film
Enjoy the after ride attractions in world showcase

Hollywood studios:
Slow down a bit at night see the early fantasmic and enjoy the park after dark

Animal kingdom
Hang out in Africa more, do the safari later in the day as we always do the morning.

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Ooh fun... since I've been going a little more frequently for the past few years, I've been trying things I've skipped before like Tom Sawyer Island, the Liberty Bell Steamboat, the People Mover, etc.

Some things still on my list for future visits:

A Wishes Fireworks Cruise
The Magic Carpets of Aladdin (have just never gotten around to riding it)
Dumbo (same as the Magic Carpets, but this fall, its a definite)
Staying at Animal Kingdom Lodge with a Savannah View
Dole Whip with Rum (at the Flower & Garden Festival)
American Adventure at EPCOT


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MK: Tom Sawyer's Island and Liberty Square Riverboat
HS: Lights, Motors, Action!
Epcot: Japan for the store with all the Hello Kitty stuff

And I am ashamed to admit that I have never had a Dole Whip. Definitely on my list for this year!

Last trip all these items were on our list, but they just keep getting pushed aside and then just never happened for us.


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We're going to try and hit a lot of these items on our next trip too as most of the stuff that we normally skip over in order to get the big, highlight attractions will actually be perfect for the little one and my in-laws who don't like a lot of rides...

Casey Jr. Splash Zone
Hall of Presidents
Liberty Square Riverboats
Tom Sawyer Island
Magic Carpets of Aladdin
Prince Charming Regal Carrousel
Dream Along with Mickey show
Incredibles Dance Party

Performers around the World Showcase
American Adventure
Spend more time in the Living Seas building
Impressions de France
Reflections of China
Explore the World Showcase buildings

Hollywood Studios:
Honey I Shrunk the Kids Movie Set Adventure
The Magic of Disney Animation
Disney Jr. Live
Jedi Training Academy
Mulch, Sweat, and Shears (catch a full performance)

Animal Kingdom: - This one is probably going to be a full day park for us this time while we normally leave by 2pm
DeVine - this one is a must! My husband is obsessed with finding her and we have yet to see her once
Tam Tam Drummers
Affection Section
Conservation Station
Discovery Island Trails
Oasis Exhibits
TriceraTop Spin

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So funny that you started this thread, I was just saying to the DH that we need to do 1 or 2 new things everyday this upcoming trip. So I have started my list.
MK- Tom Sawyer Island and Magic Carpets of Aladdin
Epcot- Soarin (yes shameful but true) and school bread
AK- Dinoland (we always skip this part)
HS- Lights Motor Action and possibly Fantasmic
I also have a few new restaurants on our list: Cape May Cafe (dinner), Coral Reef (dinner), Kona Cafe (lunch), and The Wave (lunch).

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We had an awesome dinner at Coral Reef on our last trip, jhugo! I'd heard mediocre reviews but were definitely not disappointed at all!

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I'd like to do just about any park after dark. We always do a signature restaurant for dinner, and we're always too tired (read: too stuffed) to go back to a park. Plus, I wouldn't enjoy walking around the park in heels so we'd have to go back to our resort to get changed first, and once I'm there, I just want to relax with an adult beverage or two.

Speaking of adult beverages...I'd also like to try an alcoholic version of a Dole Whip. (Never had a regular Dole Whip, but the one with rum in it sounds delish!)

This is not necessarily Disney related, but I'd also like to do Sea World. Our first trip to WDW was our honeymoon. We had planned to go to Sea World, but never made it there. Too busy in Disney. The next year we went to Cedar Point and planned to do Sea World in Ohio. Never made it there, either. Too busy in Cedar Point, plus our car broke down and we wasted half a day at a dealership getting it fixed. (Alas, it's no longer there.) After a while, I just stopped mentioning Sea World to the hubby.


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Dumbo - maybe this year!
The MK carousel same as above.
Try a zebra dome!

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There are no attractions, restaurants, etc. that I've wanted to do but forgot to do. There are, however, several things I've chosen not to do either because they don't interest me or because there isn't time to do everything. Astro Orbiter should've stayed on that list Sick

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Great question. For me, it's probably seeing more of the live entertainment at Epcot. I often overlook the live performers from most of the pavilions. Thanks to all the good people here, Voices of Liberty is something I want to see next time around. Also, I also feel I don't spend enough time at the pavilions in general. Norway and Italy are probably the ones I've spent the least amount of time in.

And without question, it's taking more photos pretty much everywhere. I often want to do it but I don't. Maybe my paranoia of wasting batteries in my camera without having spares reigns supreme in my mind. Note to self, pack and bring spare batteries for the camera everywhere I go!


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MK: Liberty Square Riverboat
Tom Sawyer Island

EPCOT: Explore World showcase

DHS: Fantasmic

AK: Spend more time on the Jungle Trek

And overall: I wish that I spent more time reading the signs and admiring all of the queue lines. Nothing is placed without reason in WDW!


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We really made an effort in the past year to leave no stone unturned and we've hit most of our WDW "bucket list" items. One thing that I seem to miss every time is the statue of Cinderella behind the castle at MK. From the child's perspective, she's smiling with a crown above her head. From the adults perspective, she's a dejected peasant.


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We've only visited once as adults but there's a lot we didn't do last time that we want to do in the next few trips.

Dole Whip (the vegan pineapple ones!)
Hoop Dee Doo
Dinner at another resort (planning to eat at AKL this time)
Jelly Rolls
Spend more time at Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios
Tequila bar at World Showcase
Eat at Be Our Guest and 50s Prime Time Cafe.