The Tiki Room & Country Bear Jamboree

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The Tiki Room & Country Bear Jamboree

Has anyone seen these shows lately? We've deliberatly avoided the Tiki Room because we couldn't stand the voice of Iago, sorry but his voice makes me want to throw my head through a wall......ugh! My daughter LOVES the Tiki Birds song and really wants to see this show on our next trip. Have the Country Bears been updated or do they look like they are in desperate need of a makeover? Thanks.

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Well luckily Iago isn't featured in the Tiki Room anymore and it was back to its old self when we were there in October. Country Bear was down for refurbishments when we were there so I don't know what changes were made, or even if any actual changes were made or if they just were doing general maintenance.

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CBJ was refurbished last year. From what I remember they shortened the show. I saw it in November and didn't notice anything drastically different from when I saw it a couple of years before that.


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Tiki Room is back to original form.

CBJ has been updated and it appeared very similar to the original show many years ago.

We saw both in Aug 2012.

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What they all said Smile

Iago is gone and the Tiki Room is back to close to the original show. The Country Bears had a full refurbishment and show changes last year, here's a link to the article (w/video)

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I've actually never been to the Tiki Room. I've seen the Country Bear Jamboree twice (before they shortened it), but honestly, I don't really like it.


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I'm obsessed with the country bear jamboree. I can sing it from start to finish. Big Al is my love!


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