Travelling in threes...good or bad?

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Travelling in threes...good or bad?

Me and two friends are looking at visiting the world in 2015 Smile
The only concern I have is as a group of three would one of us always be on our own on rides and things?
I've only travelled as a four and haven't really thought about it before but it does make things nice and easy..
Having said this it wouldn't stop me Laughing out loud just wondered if people had experiece of it

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I've been going with two friends and we've never had an issue with this. When we go on rides that have two seats, we take turns riding by ourselves.

There are rides where all three of were able to sit together:

Pirates of Caribbean
Space Mountain
Haunted Mansion (although not very comfortably. the next time we rode it I sat by myself)
Jungle Cruise
Living with the Land
Tower of Terror
Great Movie Ride
Ellen's Energy Adventure
Kilimanjaro Safaris
it's a small world

I'm sure there are others but I can't think of them at the moment


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With kids too young to ride anything good, DH and I always ended up riding by ourselves. Now we have 1 DD old enough to ride most things, but still have to hang back with the other. No big deal riding by yourself.

As a matter of fact, there are a few rides that have single rider lines, which can sometimes be significantly shorter than the stand by line. You might find that the 3 of you can get through some of the attractions quicker by all 3 of you riding by yourselves.



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When I went in February (so, no huge crowds), it was with my sister and a friend. Three people ended up being perfect for almost everything!! There were a few things it had to be 2/1 on, but it was cool because we like our space (on any "doombuggy" type ride we each had our own, haha). The only two instances where someone had to sit with a single rider was Expedition Everest (and of the three times we rode it, our friend only had to ride with someone once. The other two times she had the row to herself!), and Rock 'N Roller Coaster. Everything else we could either separate on and ride by ourselves, or they had plenty of space for three to sit together.

(Note: We didn't ride any of the spinning Dumbo-esque rides so those may have been different).