Trip changes..

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Trip changes..

So my trip got a little sooner (2 days) and a little shorter (by 2 days). I am a bit sad about it..but at the same time I am not sad at all.


I am going to China! And not the one in Epcot! Well..I guess technically I will be there too..but..I am going to both!

My principal's son goes to a Chinese Immersion School that partners with USC. The woman who runs the school called her and said they had two openings for a trip to China this summer for teachers and did she have anyone who would like to go. Myself and another teacher were chosen and now we are going to China! On June 1st!! Like..a MONTH away! I can't believe it. I'm terrified and excited all at the same time!! I already searched and unfortunately Disney Hong Kong is a bit away from where I will be so I don't think I'll make it there..although that would be awesome!


mickey Bella

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How fabulous! And congratulations on being chosen to go. yay yay yay


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congrats Bella, what a wonderful opportunity for you. Hope you like chinese food (the real stuff)Smile Hope you have a great experience.


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That's awesome. What a great opportunity.


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What an amazing opportunity!! Congratulations!!


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That's great Bella, congratulations.

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Bella, I'm so excited for you. What an amazing opportunity! Congratulations!


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That sounds so wonderful Bella! I think that's a totally acceptable reason to make some changes. Have a wonderful time!

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Congratulations! It sounds like an amazing opportunity and can't wait to hear about it!

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Congrats Bella! That is AMAZING!!!!!

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WOOT!!! Congratulations Bella!! How exciting and fantastic!!! YAY!!!

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That's awesome Bella...Stinks that you had to cut your trip short but at least you didn't have to cancel it altogether....How long are you going to be in China for?


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Bella - that is wonderful!! stars

And I am a bit jealous!
When you stand on the Great Wall, think of me! I really would love to experience that vista!


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