Ultimate Thrill VIP Tour

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Ultimate Thrill VIP Tour

We're thinking about doing it, I know it's crazy expensive. But! The question is is it worth it?


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Worth is very very subjective. If you want to do it and can justify the cost, then it's worth it to you. For me I'm not sure it's worth it cause we come for so long, if we were only there for a couple of days I might think otherwise.


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I was thinking maybe depending on the food and experience. It said backstage photo are banned so I was wondering how much backstage we'd see.


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Can you elaborate on this Ultimate thrill VIP Tour you speak of?? Thanks!!


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I think this is what she means Ultimate Day of Thrills VIP Tour

disney-vip-tours-ultimate-series.pdf1.6 MB
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Huh - that sounds kinda fun. biggrin

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I would agree with Robyn on it being subjective. For me it wouldn't be worth it at all. An extra $300 per person to go rides on I could go on at no extra cost on any other day of my vacation? I don't get it.
But if you're really into the thrill rides, don't mind being go-go-go and have the money to do it, then maybe it's worth it for you! To each their own, right? Smile


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While it does seem like fun, I would have hard time justifying to myself or my husband spending $300 on something I can almost replicate on my own (minus the guide and the transport). The tours have never been a big draw for me. I agree with TinkASL, to each their own. If this is something that you really think you would enjoy then maybe the price is worth it. We only live once, right?


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For me, it's not that you're paying to get onto rides that you 'get for free' in the entry price. It's paying for the services of a CM who has to spend a day with a group of you to ensure you get onto the rides and not just in one park, but three parks (what happened to Epcot??)

The appealing bits:
You get a bit of a tour - I like discovering new facts (or being told older ones) about the rides we're about to get onto.
The CM also plans what you get to next - I'm not a planner, I'm a wanderer. I don't mind missing rides as I like to wander and look at stuff and take pictures. Having someone plan the route is great - for me, at least
12 rides in one day - yes, I know you can plan the day to get round this, but this is 3/4 of the holy grail of all four parks in one day...6-7 hours leaves enough time to get to Epcot to do the last lot of rides
It's beyond fastpass - being a VIP and being able to get onto a ride without hassle is something I like...it might cost a bit, but this is what the cost covers, right? No hassle, no queues (well, maybe a bit of waiting) and 12 rides! (Did I mention 12 rides in one day?)

The not so-appealing bits:
Cost - I can see where they're aiming at, but it's meant to be a VIP tour so there's no point pricing it so everyone takes this route and not enjoy the parks properly
12 rides in 6-7 hours is a very quick tour - 30 minutes per stop max, not including the lunch or the transport, so really 12 rides in maybe 4-5 hours. Still doable but will be tiring

There are probably more not-so appealing bits, but it's quite appealing to me at the moment...and I enjoyed the Keys to the Kingdom tour I did (although it wasn't as expensive!)


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EEEEEEEEEEEEKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!!! I wanna do the Food and Wine one!!!!!

And I want my new job to be one of the guides LOL


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