Universal for Holiday Travel?

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Universal for Holiday Travel?

Does anyone know if Universal Studios or Sea World do anything special for the winter holiday season?

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From 2005-2008, we had Universal/Islands annual passes and we went for Christmas there each year. They have their version of the Macy's day parade and a Live Musical Version of "How the Grinch Stole Christmas."

The parade was indeed like Macy's with large floats and marching bands. We Loved the Grinch Musical. It shows several times a day(like beauty and the beast at HS) and we sometimes watched it twice in one day.

Mannheim Steamroller also put on nighttime concerts, certain nights, throughout the Christmas season.

This was a few years ago though so I don't know if they've added or taken away anything. Once we found the magic of Disney, we never looked back mickey

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We gave went and saw all Universal Studios. at least the part we wanted to see, by 4pm. We decided not to wait for the Macy's Parade and Manheim Steamroller Concert. We did go to Seaworlds Polar Express, that was ok.


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IOA is decorated for Christmas. How the Grinch Stole Christmas is a theme and you can visit the Grinch in his lair. It was the best character experience I've ever had - beat any Disney Character hands down. The Grinch is so mean, but you sit on his lap (or stand next to him). He interacts with each guests for several minutes. He literally looked/acted just like the grinch in the movie.

HPW was not constructed when I visited during Christmas, but I've heard it's awesome.

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I'm pretty sure Universal does the How the Grinch Stole Christmas theme each year. I'm pretty sure SeaWorld does something as well but not quite sure.