WDWFGU big meet up!

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WDWFGU big meet up!

Hello to all of you heading down to WDW for the big meet up. I remember Robyn first posting about it around two years ago and I was so excited to be part of it.
As most of you know, I am in the middle of cancer treatment (again waiting )
I had this dream that I would just jump on a last minute flight and surprise you all but...
I was rushed into hospital in an ambulance on Sunday, they let me home on Thursday night.
I am back in on Monday 24th for an operation on my kidney.
stars Have the best time ever, make the most of your wonderful Disney trips
stars Post those trip reports and photos so I have something to read while I am recovering
stars Send me pixie dust on 24th - Thank you x
Every day the thought of getting back to Disney keeps me strong. I will see those dam fireworks again. I did it in 2012 and I am sure going to do it again. I think I deserve the Grand Floridian after all this laugh




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I so wish you could be there with us, Miss Mikki! I suppose I'll just get to continue looking forward to meeting you some day. Very best wishes for your successful battle and future wellness. Faith, trust, and pixie dust, my friend. muchlove


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Miss Mikki our next big meetup will be scheduled around your return trip! Just let us know when!
Sending lots of pixie dust and With a few hugs tossed in for good measure.

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Absolutely you will deserve staying at The Grand Floridian when you return to Disney! Stay strong and we will all send healing thoughts and pixie dust!

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i am currently at WDW so I have access to TONS of pixie dust that I'll be sending you! I'm looking forward to meeting you at the next meetup! Stay strong and keep fighting! You knocked cancer out before so I know you'll do it again awesome

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Keep the faith you will be in the my thoughts as you win your battle against cancer. muchlove muchlove muchlove stars stars stars

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Lots of faith, trust, pixie dust and love headed your way from us too!!!!

muchlove muchlove muchlove
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Hey thank you for all the lovely messages!


Spook - you inspired me to run the Animal Kingdom 5k in 2013. It was one of my proudest achievements X
Alicemouse - I have always felt you are a kindred spirit so I hope we do get to meet up one day


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Wish you were here, Mikki. Best wishes for your surgery and hoping we will see you here soon.

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Wish you could be here with us. Thinking of you.


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So sorry to hear this, Miss Mikki. Sending you lots of pixie dust (though it's coming from Minnesota so maybe not as magical as all of the pixie dust people are sending you straight from the source laugh ) and keeping you in my thoughts!

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I'm not in Disney with the group, but I still have some Pixie dust left in my bag. Sending it your way....
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My wife, Jan, had cancer 6 times in 8 1/2 years. On a couple of occasions we left the hospital and went directly to Disney.
Always a great healing trip.
Hang in there! You can do it.
God bless,

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