Wealthy Hires Disabled To Skip Lines

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Wealthy Hires Disabled To Skip Lines

Did anyone else read this article on CNN?




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Not buying it.

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This is like watching a thunderstorm roll in. I know that it's prickly of me, but the Dream Tours website says "Due to inaccurate press and slander" VIP Tours have been canceled. All I could think of was "Libel" if it's published it is libel not slander. Unless of course the company is going back to a verbal interview in which the supposed 1%er Mom gave to the author of this book. That would be slander, and then perhaps the author and NY Post printing it would be libel. I keep waiting for a statement from their lawyer.

Orlando Channel 9 has also picked it up at this point, with a brief quote from Disney.

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Our local FOX station aired it this morning on their morning show. I do not remember them naming the company though. They were more interested in getting everyone's reaction to the fact that the 1%ers would be doing this.

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I live in Manhattan. This story does not shock me at all. The wealthy wield their money and power in the most outrageous ways. Its disgusting and they should all be banned from Disney - for life! I work with special needs kids. Renting a person with special needs makes me sick. Shame on all parties!


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Disney goes out of their way to be accessible. It's such a shame that people would do this!


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