Wedding Trends: After Party

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Wedding Trends: After Party

You've got your basic ceremony, and your standard reception, but what do you all think about this trend towards adding an "after party" to your schedule of wedding events?

After parties tend to have fewer guests than the reception and are less formal, allowing everyone to really cut loose, get comfortable, and just plain celebrate. Seems to me when I got married, the after party was simply me crashing from exhaustion.

Did you have an after party when you got married? Would you have one now? Where do you think the perfect place in Disney to have one is?

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We're definitely not having an after-party: we're having a mid-day wedding and we're not big "party", celebratory people and I'm sure by evening we'll be exhausted! However, if you did want a smaller after-party there are plenty of great places I bet you could have it around the Disney resorts or Downtown Disney, depending on the size of your group (I would love to go somewhere like Raglan Road!).


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We had an after party at our hotel... But like you said... I passed out from exhaustion and did not get to enjoy it! I was sort of disappointed the next morning when I found out how much fun everyone had without me! Lol. Glad they had a good time though!


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A bunch of us went to an arcade and then to one of my friend's houses for pizza and to hang out for a while after the big party. I guess at a Disney wedding the place to do this would be Downtown.


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We had our reception hall until 3am the next day so there was really no need for an afterparty. DH and I cut out by 11pm though when he found me leaning up against the cake table half asleep! laugh

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I don't think many people were doing after-parties back in the day. I'd never heard of them, at any rate. I'm not terribly crazy about the idea - like weddings today aren't already outrageously expensive.

I did know someone who had an evening wedding, followed by a cake-and-punch reception in the church hall, followed by a much smaller reception at the home of the bride's parents. This was mainly to cut costs. Only family and close friends were invited to the second reception, so I don't think that qualifies as an after-party. This was also back in the day, when you could have a simple cake-and-punch reception and nobody thought you were just being cheap. And even then, most people were starting to go for something at least a little more elaborate.

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I have been to wedding receptions where the bride and groom leave, change out of their formal wear and come back and dance with their family and friends to the wee hours.

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We had a desert party in EPCOT and our guests still talk about it. Our wedding was at 10:00 at SBP with Mickey & Minnie helping us cut the cake. After we had lunch at the Napa Room at the California Grill.