What if (edition 6).....

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What if (edition 6).....

What if you could only choose one resort to stay in for the rest of your life which would it be and why?


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Animal Kingdom Lodge. Just love it too much... thus why we have our DVC with it... lol


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Probably Beach Club - easy access to EpCot and HS, the boardwalk, boats, and a FANTASTIC pool.

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The Contemporary probably because of nostalgia. Since I worked there, it feels like home.


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JeffC wrote:
Probably Beach Club - easy access to EpCot and HS, the boardwalk, boats, and a FANTASTIC pool.

Same here, for all the same reasons.


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oh man this is the toughest one yet!!
hmmm I dont know!! I could easily choose Beach Club because of EPCOT since that's where I would end up the most..
BUT.. Old Key West is so relaxing and pretty!
Fort Wilderness is so quiet and secluded!

I would say.. IF I could have a golf cart with my stay, then I would choose Fort Wilderness.
If not, then Old Key West lol

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Ours would have to be the Poly! The view, access to the parks, the theme, the food. Just all works for us.

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Do I have to pay for it? laugh

If I'm paying I'll pick Coronado Springs because I think it's probably the best value for money.

If I'm not paying I'll pick Contemporary because it's super-comfortable.

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I'd probably pick the Boardwalk. That's normally where I stay when I'm there. I'm just used to it.

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AKL Jambo House if it's a Savana view, otherwise it would have to be Boardwalk.


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I agree with Mr Hub, the Poly!

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This is a hard one! What's funny is I've never stayed at the Boardwalk Inn, but we go every year to "look" and I feel I could stay there forever! Wink

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Ohh..I missed a "what if"...I would have to go with Animal Kingdom Lodge. I'd choose a fancier one like the Poly but AKL just tugs at the heart strings..and I couldn't walk in there knowing I'd never stay there again.


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