What's On Your 2021 Disney Bucket List?

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What's On Your 2021 Disney Bucket List?

Do you have Disney trips planned for 2021? What's on your bucket lists for them? Honestly, at this point I'm not 100% sure I will make it to Disney World, we've been talking about a major change of the location we call home and if that happens Disneyland will become our go-to Park. My 2021 Disney bucket-list begins and ends with just getting to Walt Disney World at all!

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Actually being able to go on our trip this year is top of my list! Really don't want to have to cancel another one. If we are able to go, we will be crossing one thing off the bucket list, staying at Disney for an entire month yay

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Pre-covid, the big thing on my 2021 Disney bucket list was getting gold and the grand slam in May by cruising on the Magic. Since dates have not been announced on when cruising will begin this year and the Magic still being in Europe, I'm just waiting for the cancelation email.

I have another cruise booked in November with Jen (jsquared on the high seas) so at least I have another opportunity to get gold this year. The grand slam will have to wait until next year.


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I have set up a 3 night stay at Cabana Bay with a Volcano Bay room view for my birthday. I'm just hoping we can come up with the rest of the money due.

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I'm with Spook - bucket list is just to get there. laugh

Although things are going off the rails here at home, hoping we can get down to WDW in November.