What's your best "Guesstimate" on this.

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What's your best "Guesstimate" on this.

During our recent trip to the World, I had the occasion to ride "It's a Small World". Aside from the trauma of getting that song stuck in my head for 2 days, I made an observation while waiting in line and while in the boats, that as I looked into the waters of the ride,MANY, MANY people had thrown coins along the whole length of the rides 'river'. I know that Disney periodically cleans up the river and donates the coins to charity. This got me to thinking. What is your "guesstimate of the value of the coins both in It's a Small World and on all Disney property. There were coins of every denominations and stacked layers upon layers deep in wishing wells and the Pirates etc.So what is your guess as to amounts??? I'll bet it amounts to a sizable sum.


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I will go with a guess of around $75,000. per year. Actually I came up with 73,000 but rounded up.

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eleventy billion dollars


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vettelover i would guess about $20k. We were just on the ride this weekend and noticed this as well. Also we noted that if you really look around the scenery is very trippy.


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Something I don't any of us ever think about. It depends on how often they empty the water of coins. Hmm...100 pennies make a dollar....they'll probably some nickels and dimes, maybe even quarters. You'll need 100,000 pennies just to make 1,000 dollars... and considering that there are five small world rides worldwide....My guess is around $12,000 USD


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I counted them in 2012.. It was exactly $42.623.74...Well give or take a dime... waiting

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I can't imagine how much it all totals up to, but here's an article from 2013 talking about the coins from Cinderella's wishing well.