When's the Best Time to Shop Main Street?

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When's the Best Time to Shop Main Street?

I generally avoid the Main Street shops at the end of the night. I just can't handle the mass of people picking up things just before they leave the Park. But I have to wonder, when is the best time to shop Main Street? Has anyone ever really paid attention to the traffic patterns her? When should I hit the stores without having to wrestle other guests for merchandise?

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We've never really stopped at any of the shops on Main Street cause its always so crowded and we have the kids with us... But I'm fully planning on changing that when we are there without kids this November


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Dinner time! Between 4 pm & 7 pm would probably be a good time, the dinner hours.

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When we stopped into some of them first thing in the morning, the shops were virtually empty.

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We tend to follow what mrhub says. After taking a mid day break at the resorts, we'll head back to MK around 4:00 or 5:00 and hit up the stores for a bit. But sometimes if we've already hit up MK once or twice, we'll hit the Main Street stores first thing in the morning, as everyone scurries to their favorite rides. Very peaceful and quiet!!

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While one of the parades is going on, everyone is watching them and it seemed pretty empty. Also make sure you watch the guy who makes the glass vases at Crystal Arts(correct me if I'm wrong). It's amazing to watch him make those vases and adding the colors. Takes him about 30mins to make one but he is very entertaining.
Sure everyone knows this too, if you are staying on property you can have anything you buy sent to your resort. That way you aren't carrying those bags and taking the chance of breaking something.


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The best time to shop Main Street?

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