Where Will DVC Build Next? Caribbean Beach Rumor

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Where Will DVC Build Next? Caribbean Beach Rumor

DVC Members love to speculate where the next new property will be. With the Copper Creek Expansion at Disney's Wilderness Lodge well underway, people are once again speculating where the next property will be built. This week an old rumor from 2014 once again resurfaced with Disney's Caribbean Beach Resort being a possibility.

You can read that article here:

If the rumor is true, this would be the first DVC expansion at a non-Deluxe resort. That alone leaves us with a bunch of questions to ponder. Just what would a Moderate DVC property mean? Would they add more amenities to the CBR, creating a more Deluxe level property? Would they create a moderate grade DVC Villa? Would a moderate level Villa mean lower purchase prices to buy in? Would the cost per night be significantly lower? Would the DVC Villas at CBR be created in the way that Kidani Village was created at AKL, and create a second complete adjoining resort area with it's own restaurants, bars and recreation apart from what CBR already has?

What do you think about this rumor? Would you like to see this addition?

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Can't wait for the All Star Sports DVC villas! laugh

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We asked them about this when we visited and they seemed very taken back by the question laugh so I have to guess it's true.


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Allie wrote:
Can't wait for the All Star Sports DVC villas! laugh

rolling rolling rolling


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